Saturday, September 24, 2016

Meal Prep for what???

So after 6 lovely months staying home with my daughter, I decided to go back to work.
FINE FINE I will type it...
Losing my mind
I know I know ...Moms are not allowed to say that let alone type it.  But you also should know by now, I do not give a flying donut.

Plus I am fortunate!!! I am a professor.  At my university I only have to teach 12 hours over 4 days.
Please do not throw your computer and/or phone.
My husband also teaches at this university...ok I am going to stop now before you do something terrible.
Basically I only work 4 mornings a week. During that time my angel gets to be with her Daddy.
Now this sounds like a dream....
Untill you think about the  two people who are  balancing a tiny human and jobs.
They must eat...preferably not McDonald's every meal. (In Korea, McDonald's is AMAZING)
SO what do you do...
Well the incredible super women out there who are wearing 6 inch stilettos while balancing their baby in one hand, a phone in the other all the while making dinner....
Well i ain't that girl!!!
I got to plan...
Or I am back to McDonald's.
SomewhatGourmet is going meal prep...
Wish me luck!!
Oh and on going back to work while you are at it!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The perfect marinade

I love cooking.  But sometimes~~~ I am tried...I do not have time to go to the store...My brain is too exhausted to think...I have no time...

When this happens I turn to my perfect marinade! It is simply and uses things I already have in the fridge.  You can use this on tofu, chicken, pork or beef.  I personally love it on chicken  and tofu. But my husband (yup still married) loves it on pork.

I serve it with steamed or grilled veggies, a salad, rice or potatoes.  Did I mention this marinade is AMAZING.

And there are only 2 ingredients:
Whole Grain Mustard
Soy Sauce

I use a 2 part mustard 1 part soy sauce ratio.
If you wanna be fancy you can add garlic, orange or pinapple juice, brown sugar, or sesame oil.
This marinade works even if you have no time to let the protein sit and soak up the juice.  You can just cook it.

In the end,  you end up  tangy sauce that is completely different while still healthy and full of flavor.
It is actually one of the few sauces that I can resist adding cheese to.  It is that good!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The worst chocolate bread EVER

I normally post about my successes and sometimes struggles.  But last night I had an epic FAIL.

I mean my husband who eats everything said, "Ummmmm No Let's throw it out."
Like as in the trash.  The man who eat everything said PASS.

What was this inedible creation?
Chocolate Glueten Free Brownies hate baking.  You have spent the past few years claiming to not be a baker.  Maybe you Ms. Somewhat Gourmet messed up???

I thought of this and tried the recipe again.  And.....

It is not me.

Now as a non~baker maybe I should have known 1 cup of cacao powder is ridiculousness. But I merely a home cook trying to come up with a health afternoon snack for my hubby and I ( the baby is only on purees so she has not been forgotten).

Now I am not an evil human.  A person spent time coming up with this god awful recipe and then posted it to their  blog.  Therefore I am not posting a link.  But I am sure a goodness posting a picture of the recipe.  Maybe you will have better luck....
BUT I would stear clear of any recipe that calls for 1 cup of cacao powder.

And now I need to go to the store bexause I am out of cacao powder.