Monday, September 7, 2009

Cheap Wine Review

Like most people, I am watching my pennies and dimes.  This applies to everything from my clothing choices to the wine I drink.  I decided to include reviews for cheap wines I have tried this week.  All the wines listed were bought at my local Trader Joe's for under $10.  You do not have to spend a lot of money for a great meal with great wine!

Worst Pick of the Week

This was a California White Wine that was okay.  The wine tasted cheap and it sold for $8.99.  The bad after taste was strong.  I would recommend getting any of the Two Buck Chuck white wines (this is the Trader Joe wine that is always under $3)

Best Pick of the Week
This wine pairs great with meat pizza.  This Sangiovese was $4.99 and tasted great!!!  It is a nice, basic Italian red wine that pairs exceptionally well with food.  Normally you hear about beer and pizza going into football season.  This wine is a great substitute for your normal party fare.  It can even  make your party seem a little more refined!!!

Other great wines

This Montepulciano pairs perfectly with steak and mushrooms. Many wines that pair well with Steak and mushrooms can get pretty expensive.  Barolos are can run upwards of $40 for just a basic bottle.  This wine cost $5.99. I use the wine to saute the mushrooms while the steak cooks.  Wine adds great depth to the mushrooms that enhance their natural earthiness.

Fun bottle of the week!!!

This bottle is super fun and the perfect conversation starter.  I recommend bringing this bottle to a party with non-wine snobs!!!  This bottle was $5.99.  The wine itself was a nice light fruity red.  According to the label, it is a mystery combination of grapes.

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