Thursday, August 16, 2012

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together...Like EVER Evil Protein Bar

I admit it… while I hate eating anything that isn’t AMAZING.  Sometimes I don’t have time to cook, prepare or eat at a nice place. So I grab fast food (don’t judge) or prepackaged things like Lunchables (WHAT???? I typed no judging).  Therefore, today when I was running late to work, I grabbed a bar to tide me over till lunch.

The problem is I didn’t grab my normal Special K bars or Fiber1 bars.  Things that taste ok even good depending on the flavor.  But at least the bars I have had are just not as good as a nice hot home cooked breakfast.  Today, I grabbed one of my husband’s(Still weird) bars, a Pure Protein bar.

Well, my husband is on a workout kick.  He is all into building muscle and strength which he tells me means increasing his protein intake a TON.  I don’t mind this because protein is not too hard to increase for dinners or meals I cook. Though for his day to day lunches and snacks, I got protein bars and protein powder.  I just got the bars that were on sale that had the most protein.  My husband unlike me will eat ANYTHING regardless of taste or really anything.  Think like Mikey!  So I grab a pure protein strawberry shortcake bar.  It has 19 grams of protein and less then 200 calories.  So in theory the perfect breakfast/mid-morning snack.
These taste like cough syrup mixed with card board which is SIGNIFICANTLY worse than most bars that are so bland and flavorless.   Here is a picture so you may avoid this FLAVOR at ALL cost!  

Sorry, husband you are stuck eating ALL of the Strawberry Short Cake Flavor by yourself.  And I am going back to my less protein filled bars.

If you have any high protein good tasting bar or snack options, please comment…..

PS-Yes, the Taylor Swift Song is totally stuck in my head hence the blog name!


  1. Special K makes good protein bars, but (as a post-workout recovery supplement), I was told by our strength & conditioning staff that good ol' chocolate milk is just as good as anything!

    P.S. I am absolutely obsessed with Taylor's new song! Miss you much!


    1. I love the Special K bars! They are so good! oh, I never thought of chocolate milk. I sometimes do peanut butter in a crunch.

      I am so glad I am not the only one play Taylor on repeat.

      Miss you too,

  2. Clif and Luna bars are really good and have a pretty good amount of protein. I also like Zone Perfect mint chocolate.

    1. I love Cliff bar but I kinda over did them by getting a big box at costco. What flavor Luna bars do you recommend?
      Mint Chocolate Sounds good, I will have to try it! thanks!!!