Sunday, August 26, 2012

VooDoo my wallet liked but Dog where was the bacon?

Voodoo Dog - Tallahassee, FLSince being in Tallahassee, the husband (don't know if I will ever get use to that) and I have been doing weekly date nights!  They are a great way to get out of the house and get some us time between all the family time, crazy work schedules, my insane traveling agenda and all the other stuff that pops up in life!

Of course, not every date can be as opulent as dinner at Cypress.  We are on a budget after all!  So I started researching places we had not been in Tallahassee that had great deals or were a little more affordable (i.e. cheap as in less then $20 for 2 people ).  And I came across this website.  It was amazing.  The site listed affordable places to eat, examples of the pricing and food suggestions as well as the restaurants website and address. Well towards the bottom was the interestingly named Voodoo Dog.  I was intrigued.  Plus, I had heard about it previously from the hubby's (OMG) uncle.  Thanks Roger!!!  Knowing the hubby's LOVE of hot dogs, I decided to surprise him by going here!

20120823_174423.jpgWell, even before we entered the purple building, the hubby was excited!  The place is known for it's bacon wrapped then fried hot dogs.  With a very atypical menu that offers hot dogs with a variety of not so usual toppings. The guy at the front recommend the new menu option, "The Jefferson" which is a hot dog with mac and cheese topped with butter crackers crumbles.  And I figured why not, I love mac and cheese.  The hubby (WEIRD) went for the Fat Katz which was topped with spicy brown mustard, sauerkraut and swiss cheese. Of course, I got fries because it is fries and urbanspoon's reviews listed them as good.

The grand total with a soda fountain drink and a PBR tall boy
Less than $16
20120823_174715.jpgSo the hotdogs were good, messy and funky!  The dogs themselves were not super salty or strong in flavor; my guess was because these dogs are meant to make ingredients shine not overpower them.  Basically, if you just want a plain old hot dog, go elsewhere!  My favorite of the two was the Fat Katz which reminded me of a nice deli reuben sandwich.  The Jefferson was good with the crunch cracker crumbles adding textures to the creamy mac and cheese.  But seemed to miss clue what...I am just being picky and honest.
I just realized dog was suppose to be a bacon dog.  It was not!  I can assure you there was no bacon on my hotdog.  I love BACON and it's crispy crunchy texture.  The hotdog was good enough for me not to notice but I guess the bacon was the thing I was missing.
                         This makes me sad and feel a little silly it took me this long to realize 
20120823_174359.jpgthe fries!  They were so yummy!  Super hot and fresh out of the frier as all good fries must be.  Seasoned but not too salty or undersalted!!!!  There was also a few sauces in the places for dipping.  For example, there were malt vingear spray bottles.  As well as this Voodoo Sauce which was spicy vingeary and super yummy.

Overall, I enjoyed VooDoo Dog.  I mean it was nice and filling!  A fun and off the beaten path food option which introduces flavor combinations that make me think of Colombian hotdogs (you know the ones with chips, pineapple and the entire fridge).  As long as you don't mind the crazy toppings being the star, this is a cool place to try.  Just double check your order.

SIDENOTE- Despite the mixup, I will go back and actually try a bacon dog. However, I am investigating the dog for ALL topping before eating.

VooDoo Dog does not have a website.  But here is the link to the facebook page and  Voodoo Dog on Urbanspoon

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  1. Thank SO much for this review. Very thorough!