Friday, August 17, 2012

The Dearly Departed.....Restaurants of Tallahassee

The great thing about moving to a new city/town is discovering new places to eat.  Unfortinately, Tallahassee is not new to me. So the interesting thing about moving back to a place, like I did to Tallahassee, is that after 5 years things have changed.  Some of my favorite staples have CLOSED unbeknownst to me.  So, when my husband (still weird)  tried to take me out for our 2 month wedding anniversary.  We went to 3 different restaurants that we loved five years ago only to realize they had been closed!

So to honor the closing of my food staples and some that i was just amazed at... 
Here is a quick recaps of the closing that have occurred over the past few years in Tallahassee 


Fusion Cafe my favorite place to get Duck in Tallahassee- I think Daffy is very happy about this one closing

The Loop- a theater school staple because it was good and close to the 

Chez Pierre- The overpriced French Restaurant

Anthony's-overpriced Italian food, but I did eat my first escargot here!

The Politician and privacy seekers friend Silver Slipper slipped followed Dorothy back to Oz

Schlotsky closed but supposedly is coming back in 2013

Cafe Cabernet- the wine bar and fancy (well at least for Tallahassee) night spot

Capri- I don't remember this one at all

Urbane- no idea this one even existed

The Main Ingredient- which had some of the BEST fried eggplant

I will miss all of you, though some more then other!  Like where am I suppose to get duck in Tallahassee now??

So now that I have mourned in my own very weird way, the restaurants of Tallahassee's past, I guess it is time to start exploring all the new offerings that the great city of Tallahassee has to off. (And by NEW, I mean new to me).

If you have any suggestions for places to eat in Tallahassee, please comment!

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