Monday, August 20, 2012

My Latest Obsession...Almond Milk is not the new Taylor Swift song, despite my playing on repeat. NOR a pair of pretty shoes (See husband, I am staying on budget).
 It is Almond Milk.  

My friend Rachel, who is an amazing and lives a paleo lifestyle (more on this in another blog), recommended this to me as a great starter in the mornings or snack.  She said it was more filling then a lot of other under 200 calorie snacks and WAY healthier than chips or my personal favorite, CHEEZITS.  This is also an alternative to dairy and soy products.

So I gave it a try and I am hooked.  I like drinking the milk first thing in the morning.  I actually pour it into a Solo cup and take it for my drive like most people do with coffee.  I find that the Almond milk keeps me full for about 2 hours at work.  So the almond milk gets me through the morning rush to the 10:30/11am mark. Or my glass of almond milk sustains me through a nice 4-6 miles walk (for longer walks I find I need more intake otherwise I get tried faster and lose traction so I pair with a 100 calorie bar or fruit).  I also find that the milk helps fill my craving for cheese (I was a rat in a previous life) even though it has no dairy.

So here is my break down of flavors and brands

I love love love Silk's Pure almond Dark
Chocolate.  It is like chocolate milk any a bit more decadent.  I find the dark chocolate is great when I am craving chocolate or something sweet a terrible like cake or doughnuts or OMG now I want a cupcake.  Anywho, this great to help with the cravings

The original Silk flavor which tastes the most like milk out of the bunch is good not a strong flavor to perfect in a smoothie or paired with snack.

 However, I really like the vanilla flavor because it was a bit sweeter without being too sweet, plus creamier.  So, the vanilla flavor is perfect on it's own.

The unsweetened is not for me.  I find the flavor bitter and had to add fruit or splenda syrups to make them drinkable.  This does not mean the flavor is terrible, I did finish off the cartoon and a bottle of chocolate sugar-free syrup, but not my favorite.  Maybe this flavor grow on you with time.  I just would rather not force myself and go straight to the

I find the Almond breeze brand to be stronger in almond flavor, less creamy and a little grainier.  It is still good but I prefer the Silk brand in all the flavors.  Though, I have not tried the chocolate flavor yet.

I have not tried the generic Publix brand or So Delicious Almond milks yet, but when I do I promise to update. For those of you wanting to try out my latest obsession, you can sign up for Silk coupons here.

What do you think?

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