Thursday, August 23, 2012

My obsession with Cheese at Cypress

My mom and I swear we were rats in another lifetime.  One of my favorite meals is wine, cheese, good bread and more cheese. Maybe so olives or grapes thrown in for good measure. So for my birthday,  the husband (OMG still weird) took me out to Cypress in Tallahassee, FL.
His reason was for their AMAZING cheese selection and cheese plate!
And OMG was it good.
Upon arrival at our table, my husband handed me to cheese menu and said order a plate!(I knew I married him for a reason- he is my cheese enabler). Any place that has a cheese menu is already good in my book, but  a place that has a well put together menu is even better diversity and the uniqueness of Cypress' cheese menu was wonderful. (Cheese Menu Link)  The menu included Sheep's milk, truffle, and even raw milk cheese.  Needless to type, I was in heaven.  We ordered Montgomery Cheddar and Nuvola Di Pecora (see below for pic ).
Our waiter who was fabulous recommended the Roomano and it turned out to be our favorite. The cheese's texture reminded me of a good well aged Parmesan Reggiano with all the saltiness and depth but was more buttery and less sharp.
The cheddar was good  with a strong nutty grassy flavor.  I always love a well made cheddar.   The Nuvola Di Pecora was a nice semi-soft sheep's milk cheese.  It had the texture of a nice creamy Gouda but tasted tangy with a nice sweetness that balanced out the kinda herbal/vegetal notes. The cheese platter came with 2 strawberries, some nuts, and crostinis.

Because I was indecisive, I decided to get two small plates instead of a typical dinner order.  I got the  Southern-Soul Sea Scallops -which were paired with collard greens, tomatoes, fennel and a spicy oil.  The Scallops were cooked perfectly and the fennel paired well.  However, I must admit  the Gulf Coast Oysters & Biscuits  were by far my favorite.  The salt and not slimy oysters were topped with a sherried Cream Sauce, Leeks, yummy bacon, tomatoes with biscuits.  Think oyster pot pie. All the flavors paired and balanced each other out creating a truly rememberable food memory. 

The Hubby (Weird) ordered from the dinner menu.  How adult of him, right?  He ordered the  Cypress Vegetarian which was Fried Green Tomatoes, peas, goat cheese, Pickled Okra,  Garlic-Horseradish Sauce.  The fried green tomatoes were not greasy at all.  The pickled Okra gave the dish a note of playfulness and surprise along with adding a brightness of acidity.
OVERALL- I loved it!  I will so be back for more cheese and fun unique food!                                             SIDENOTES FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN CHECKING IT OUT- Cypress does have a $4 Happy Hour from 5-7pm which is only available at the bar Also, they are currently on    

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