Friday, November 2, 2012

Big Easy Snowballs in Tallahassee? Oh yes and more yes

I have been hearing about Big Easy Snowballs from one of my co-workers for a while.  She likes to take her family as an alternative to ice cream.  Plus the Lake Ella location is perfect for combining in a little exercise.  This co-worker raved about all the flavors and taste plus the sizes are HUGE.  So, I couldn't help taking my BFF there when he came into town. By came into to town I mean my Husband (still weird) surprised me with him one weekend. But that is a whole nother sweet story....Back to the snowballs

Like it's name suggests Big Easy Snowballs is New Orleans themed with lots of purple and green along with masks on the wall.  The servers were awesome. After look at the LARGE flavor options (seriously click here) I opted to taste test (Yes-you can try the flavor before you buy)  buttered popcorn and red velvet cake (my favorite kind of cake).  The buttered popcorn which I tried more because it sounded crazy was sweet and good.  I was pleasantly surprised.  However, the red velvet stole my heart.  As my co-worker said, the sizes are large so I went with a small which was more then enough....Serious, see image right for sizes.

image.jpegimage.jpegThe snowballs were less like snowcones with a chunky crunchy  texture but more like shaved ice or Italian ice with nice smooth barely perceptible pieces.  The red velvet flavor was sugary sweet with a nice cake depth.  Of course this flavor is red so my lips were cherry red for a while after.  My BFF who loves red velvet cake too, tried the Cajun Red Hot which tasted just like a red hot. This was not super spicy but had a little kick so beware. And yes- the BFF totally ate half of my red velvet cake snowball... so as pay back I ate half his Cajun Red hot.  It got a little violent  despite the smiling pics.

Big Easy Snowballs on UrbanspoonBasically- This is an awesome frozen treat with tons of flavors to please any taste.  Plus, the ability to try all the flavors makes this place a must try. I didn't try the stuffed snowball which is ice cream inside the snowball, but they sound yummy. I know it is coming up on winter so some of you may be asking, " Snowcones in winter?" Hell to the Yes.....just bring an extra sweater!!!


  1. I am looking for a place to buy gourmet or unusual cooking ingredients, such as fig vinegar, etc. Is there such a place in Tallahassee?

    1. This is a tricky question! Yes there is for most things but at a price!!!
      Earth Fare (where I get the BEST organic dark chocolate truffles- even better then Godiva), New Leaf and Fresh Market all offer unique selections but are going to be EXPENSIVE!!!

      For vinegar and oils, I would check out Ross's and Marshall's they often have a small but affordable selection of high end stuff. I have gotten my truffle oil, truffle salt, saffron salt, champagne vinegar and so much more there.

      For seafood, there are many seafood markets in town which are all pretty good.

      The big exceptions are meats. If you want unique cuts of meat, like pork belly, you may need to order on line! Even tader joes opening this spring wont be able to help you with that!!!

      Hope that helps!!!