Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dinner in the Sky- You want me to pay how much?

So, for those of you who have not guessed I totally have spent the past few days SHOPPING!  Seriously,  Black Friday has spilled over to Thanksgiving and all across the weekend.  I LOVE IT!!!

In honor of my shopping splurges, I thought I would bring up a crazy insane over the top WTF food trend I have noticed. It has appeared in Tokyo, Paris, Monte Carlo and recently where I grew up, Delray Beach. 
Basically this contraption is a platform which seats up to 22 guests (all of whom must be at least 4'11 and under 225 lbs).  Each guest must be strapped in.  Think like roller coast seats.  Then the platform is evaluated to 50 meters. Normally, at least the one in Delray  comes with 3 peoples, chef, sous and sommelier in the center of the platform to plate, pour and serve you.

Ok- I will admit this looks cool and totally fun. I mean the view.....The thrill.....It is totally a once in a lifetime experience.  However, the experience will cost you a whopping $500.  Plus, if you have to use the facilitates the whole restaurant/ table has to be lowered to the ground.  Then all your tablemates must wait while you.....  After which you are strapped back in and the table returns to it's bird like perch in the sky. Seriously, a downside for me.  Additionally, the food is not 5 star quality .  It is just ok. This is not food prepared by a celebrity or award winning chef.  So basically you are playing for the view which is ridiculous.

Having typed all this, I find it odd that I would not pay $500 per person to eat mediocre food floating in the sky, but I would pay $500 per person for a 20 minute meal at what people arguably say is the world's best sushi Jiro's 5 star sushi restaurant in Tokyo.

Ok- people, Am I crazy?  I mean about this particular issue. What would you do?

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