Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Went for a taste of Creole left feeling blah-a review of Po Boys Creole Cafe

We all know I am a sucker for a good deal.  Well, I found a groupon for Po Boy Creole Cafe and figured why not.  The hubby and I love spicy food.....he loves it spicy spicy....And I love anything fried with the caijin flare.  So we thought something different for a date night.

Po Boys is a casual place with table service but still moderately priced.  The menu features an assortment of caijiun classics including fried alligator, fried oysters and fried pickles.  This place has lots of fried foods.  I would avoid eating here if you or anyone in your party

20121120_180655.jpgWe ordered the fried pickles as an app.  They came out super fast and scolding hot.  However, they were ok.  The breading on them was thick and the pickles were thick as well making the fried pickle very dense.  Not my cup of tea or hurricane, but nothing worth sending back.   The app came with honey mustard dip.  This is weird to me because I use to ranch dip with it.  This was an easy fix.  We just asked for a side of ranch.

20121120_182604.jpgFor our entree we went with the fried alligator po boy and the fried oyster po boy. And they were ....

Blah blah...
I mean we could not tell the difference between the two po boys.
There was nothing really wrong about the po boys.  They were not burnt.  They were not greasy. Then again there was nothing good about them either.
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Basically- this place is bland.  Not bad, not good.  I mean the service we fast, friendly and efficient. But the food was BLAH.. mAybe we came on an off night but I don't think so because EVERYTHING was tasteless. However, if I going to eat calorie heavily fried food.....I am not coming here!!!!

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