Friday, December 28, 2012

Miller Ale House is just filler!

My BFF and I decided to stop for a late night drink (I am talking about 10pm which is late in non-college holiday Tallahassee).  We didn't want a bar.  too loud for BFF chats!!!! So we popped into Miller's Ale House which is a medium sized chain!

We walked in and sat at the bar.  The place was clean and had a few people there.  We sat at the bar.  After 5 minutes (a descent amount of time though not fast) the bartender came over and took our drinks.  She recommended the dumplings for a bar snack!  Naturally, we figured why not?

photo 5.JPGWe both ordered a simple mixed drink which were ok.  Not amazing, not weak and not strong. When we finished our drinks, the food came out which was about 15-20 minutes after ordering.  Strange for a place that only had a few people.  But not absurdly long.  the bartender came back and got us water!!! the dumplings were ok!  They were cooked nicely.  Not to greasy or crispy which is not easy to do.    However, the filling was bland. I mean no flavor.  The sauce equally as unimpressive.  It was a nice snack but nothing I would order again.  Though this was not something I would send back or was unhappy with.  We stopped in randomly, so we had no expectations.  And we were not disappointed nor impressed.

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Overall- Miller's Ale House is ok!  Nothing good or bad.  Service was good. Food was adequate   though , nothing to make me come running back!  Maybe I am spoiled by the Ale House's in south Florida that are amazing!!!  Beer and clams on the half shell that are so fresh.  Oh gosh I am going to have another dream about seafood tonight!!!! Or maybe, there are so many other place in Tallahassee that are amazing, why settle for ok/good?

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