Sunday, December 30, 2012

Is Sonny's really BBQ???

V-tpafl-55061180_id250544_guide_inclusionOver the Holidays, my dad sent up a traditional Brisket for myself and my in-laws.  Well, the brisket was consumed immediately!!!  I brought up how much my mother-in-law loved Sonny's Brisket.  So naturally we had to go there for a brisket off.

My brother and mother in law ordered the brisket.  It was good with the BBQ sauces and prepared a completely different style then my dad's.  I still think my dad's is better by far.  Though don't ask me if Grandma's brisket tops my dad's.  I don't want to start WWIII.

The Hubby ordered pork. Which in case you don't know isn't my favorite, but he seemed happy!!  The  bbq baked beans were good!  Definitely better than out of the can!

20121223_145908.jpg20121223_145915.jpgI have not been eating red meat for a long time.  I avoided it for many years. This time allowed me to develop VERY strong opinions on BBQ chicken.  After all that was the only thing on the menu I could eat at most BBQ places.  So, I acknowledge I am picky!  The BBQ chicken I ordered was dry and bland!  I mean this is by far not the worst BBQ chicken I have ever had but not the best.  The cornbread is awesome.  It is made with real corn (fine, canned) so it is sweet and tangy.  The broccoli is broccoli.  It was not over cooked and nice.

photo 5.JPGThe BFF ordered the burger which is pictured right and said it was ok!!!!!  Nothing to rave about.

Basically- Ok food I thought (keep in mind I am not big on pork and preferred my dad's brisket)!!!!  Some people (my mother in law LOVES their brisket) would come here at least once a week! The cornbread is awesome.  Plus the salad bar is nice for veggies and diet followers. It is a good place to take a group because there is something for everyone.  So it is worth ordering.
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But the bigger question is--Is Sonny's really BBQ?
Okay before before you get angry....It is not that Sonny's is bad!  It is actually a good  meal, but it does not compare to BBQ places like Fat Matt's in Atlanta and other places that turn BBQ into an art.  Seriously.

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