Monday, December 10, 2012

Salty Dog is a dog I like and their chicken is good too

I have no idea why I have not written about Salty Dog before.  They are a local owned no frills wings and sandwich place.  There is a nice biker/family atmosphere   It is weird but it works for the dog.  All the staff are super friendly.  And I end up eating there or getting takeout all the time with my In-Laws.  Add this to the list of great things my father in law has introduced me too (other things would be shooting, blackout boggle and the wonders of how to cook and clean at the same time.)

Normally we order the wings....The lemon pepper wings.  These  things are AMAZING.  The citrus with the tang and then the spice of the black peppers makes these wings stand out.  The hot wings are good too.  But it the Lemon Pepper wings are the standout!!!

Personally,I have a soft spot for their chicken philly. Afterall, you all know the Hubby will order the wings and I will just still some! This is a nice filling sandwich which offers moist well seasoned chicken, onions, mushrooms and cheese.  Like with all good philly sandwiches it is important for the meat to be moist so the juices soak into the bread enhancing the flavor.  This chick philly does just that!!!!

Salty Dawg Pub & Deli on UrbanspoonNegatives- they have karaoke on weekend nights so come prepared for a little off pitched singing while you eat or just do takeout.  Also, they do not serve liquor.  I know it is weird for people to sing karoke without some shots is done.  Who knew!!!

Positives- The wings...OMG the wings.  If you ask nicely, they will toss your fries in with the lemon pepper sauce.  It is awesome!!!!!!!

If you want to go somewhere for fries, wings, and casual foods and not dress up, this is yur place.

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