Friday, October 19, 2012

How to order the perfect Publix Sub..seriously not matter what kind this works

I love Publix subs.  They are my favorite hungover food EVER (Sorry Mom)!  I do like them for lunch or dinner or in the middle of the night.... Needless to type, there is something about a Publix sub that makes me happy.

20121016_181135.jpgThis week for date night my Husband (OMG)  decided to take me to Publix Deli to get subs then bring them to Lake Ella for a picnic.  The weather has been perfect as fall is in full swing in Tallahassee so I was excited!

I ordered my usual..white bread with turkey and muenster cheese.  Publix deli is know for there amazing bread which far surpasses Subway bread.  In addition, all the meat and cheese are cut daily. So super fresh on the best bread.
Now there is a little know trick to ordering the perfect sub at publix.....ask for your toppings on the side.  I know weird...but go with me on it
 Tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles and ect make sandwiches soggy if you don't eat them right away. Instead, you can ask the very nice deli person for your toppings on the a bag or small container.  If you are super picky, (the Hubby hates onions) you can ask to have each topping individually bagged...this way the pickles are not contaminated by the onions.  (Seriously he HATES raw onions!)   I have also noticed by asking for the veggies on the side I get more.  So, I am not the person say, "No more even more please!"  Now before you think this is an unusual request and the very nice deli person is going to make faces at you or object.  I have been requesting this for years and have never had that occur.  I always split a Publix sub with my Mom when I go to school with her. If we get the sub the night or morning before, we get the veggies on the side so there is sogginess.  Plus, then her veggies don't get on my half and my veggies don't get on her half.
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20121016_182152.jpgEither way, I love me some Publix subs.  Beware the lines get crazy at lunch and dinner times.

As for my sub on my picnic,   it was fabulous with the view of Lake Ella in the background.  We did have a black duck that must have found our sub appetizing because he circled around us the WHOLE time we ate.


  1. I'm starting to become a little disappointed in Publix subs. The meat seems to be vanishing. I don't see 3 layers of meat in the "Ultimate" - only 2. The bakery rarely makes multigrain bread. This is common to all stores. This really bothers me.

  2. That stinks!!!! I have never ordered the ultimate! Is it worth checking out?

    I do think things vary from publix to publix and by location! The lovely sandwich people may not always offer all the options they have available! So, if Publix runs out of a type of bread, you may have to ask them to get more from the bakery or give you another multigrain option. Sometimes the sandwich makers wont offer because there is a line and it will take time. But the store does offer that, you just have to ask and not mind being a little difficult. Just FYI in the future!

  3. What I do at the Publix at Lake Ella, is ask the sandwich makers to take some of the bread out of the sandwich, before they assemble it. it makes a better sub, and you taste more of the veggies

    1. OMG- I do that sometimes too!!! I thought it was something that was only popular in South Florida....but I am happy to hear about other people doing it in Tallahassee!!!!

    2. Yeah- I do over use OMG...don't I...Sorry!!

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  5. The Ultimate is turkey, ham and roast beef, all three need to be there to be an ultimate.
    There are 3 meats on the American, as well as the Deluxe.
    Please know that you make request for ANY, meat or cheese to be on your sub, the price
    difference is minimal and well worth it. Bacon is also avail as well as just about any veggie (may need to ask for it)

  6. I can personally vouch for the Mojo Pork sub as a solid 3.5/5 but the Chicken Tender sub is a 5/5 IT IS WONDERFUL!

  7. Love Public subs. No comparison to subway. The meats and cheeses are real and not full of fillers. But...last week the bread was stale and this week, not enough vinegar and oil. Still excellent.