Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Whatburger- I missed you

In Georgia there is no Whataburger.  In South Florida there is no Whataburger.  So,  I was deprived of the thin beef patties and shoe string fries that make Whataburger standout and a late night favorite.
In moving back to Tallahassee after 5 years away...there were many things I wanted to do.....eating at Whataburger was one of them

The chain I grew to love in Tallahassee did not crumble with the crazy economic situation.  In fact, the place has gotten better or maybe I am just sober (Sorry, Mom).

The service was surprising good.  Our food was delivered to our table which was nice.  But the cherry on the top of this customer service surprise, was when the Whataburger associate who delivered our food asked if we needed any ketup, sauce, salt or ect......
I understand fast food means easy and convenient food with no waitress, BUT this was a definite big positive for me.  I think the more personalized attention to detail Whataburger is going with makes them standout.

As for the burgers....they have not changed......They are still YUMMY and tasty in their simplicity.  A nice thin patty with American cheese, ketup, mustard, pickles, tomato and lettuce.  The burger is not greasy or covered in some weird special sauce.  Basically....this is a BURGER and a good one!

Sidenote- the fries are thin and lots of them.  I normally split them with the Hubby (OMG) or the fry hog.

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