Saturday, October 6, 2012

Trader Joes is coming to Tallahassee in...2013

OMG-Tallahassee is getting a TJ's.  Yes that is what people call this amazing Grocery store. And OMG.....Trader Joe's invaded Atlanta while I lived there and I loved it.  I made 30 minutes drives just to go to this place.  Seriously, Trader Joe's is like a Whole Foods or Fresh market without the meat and seafood counter (they do sale meat and seafood but not at a counter where you can order specific amounts.)
They have all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruit.  I love their baby heirloom tomatoes and pre-cut butternut squash.  On top of that their prices are very competitive with Winnie Dixie and Publix.  On top of that the frozen selection is a dream offering frozen quiches, rice, fish (I loved the langustines), mochee, naan (I loved these with a nice homemade curry) and enough apps to keep everyone hope during game day.

My all time favorite thing that TJ's offers is the wine selection.  You can buy a Barolo (a very pricey type of Italian wine) for $14.99  which is unheard of.  However the best deal is Two Buck Chuck.  This is wine that is ALWAYS under $3.  TJ offers their Two Buck Chuck in everything from Merlot to White Zinfandel  The quality of the wine varies from bottle to bottle because Two Buck Chuck is made from grapes leftover from a variety of vineyards.  So sometimes this is out of this world good.  And sometimes, this wine is better for braising meat.  Either way it is cheap wine.  If you want to spend more, like $5 TJ's offers a ton of selections from organic to Kosher.  that is right kosher.  I found kosher Moscato I used at my wedding.  Did I mention TJs is amazing?

For more information check out  or Urban Tallahassee

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