Monday, October 1, 2012

McDonald's Oatmeal did not go straight to my thighs....but the hash browns will

I don't normally associate McDonald's with healthy.  In fact, my mind normally things of amazing fries and awesome kid's meal toys (Yes- I did collect beanie babies and the barbie ones!).  My husband (OMG) loves their Big Mac.  And my in-laws often get breakfast here.
20120929_092241.jpgAccording to, a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit (which I love)  is 420 calories.  And the with hashbrown because lets be honest the biscuit is never filling enough you add another 150 calories.  So basically, eating at McDonald's starts your day or at least mine off with 590 calories and this is not including your drink of Orange Juice or coffee.

However, McDonald's now (well they have had it for a little while but it is still new to me) has Oatmeal.  And it is not half bad.  Granted this is  not  the healthiest thing ever, but it sure beats my heart clogging bacon egg biscuit.  the fruit and maple oatmeal comes in at a whopping 290 calories with 5 grams of fiber and less then 200 grams of sodium( I know this is high but it is more then 300% lowers then everything else on the menu).  The taste is yummy.  I loved the different textures that the fresh crispy apples and chewy craisins add to this item.  Plus, I ate this before going to the gym....And I never crashed or felt like I didn't have enough energy.  So in a pinch, try McDonald's might surprise

McDonald's on UrbanspoonSIDENOTE- I totally agree with the Urbanspoon review.  The service was terrible.  Like we wait 20 minutes for half our order.  I get that fast food gets busy but it is called fast for reason.

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