Monday, October 29, 2012

Tally's Grille is a No Go- And that is being nice

I went to an event that Tally Grille catered.  And to put it nicely it was terrible.  This is the first meal in Tallahassee that I do I type this nicely?
Below par....
The chicken was OVERsmoked.  I mean chicken is quite forgiving.  At least for me, when I am in my normal everyday kitchen and roasting it whole.  But this smoked chicken tasted like smoke which in my lack of formal culinary training means the chicken was smoked WAY too long!!!

The beef was bad......I mean I like Arby's roast beef sandwiches which is terrible meat and probably not meat...This stuff was uneatable.  It was weird shade of grey.  The taste was not much better being salty and overly chewy....think mad packaged lunch meat.

The sides were unimpressive but eatable.  The only stand out was the dessert which was an apple crumble

Tally's Grille on UrbanspoonWe ended up filling up on liquor and boiled peanuts. After the event, we went home and eat dinner.  Needless to type, Tally's Grille catering is not my cup of tea or cup of anything.  Maybe this was an isolated incident or just the restrant struggled making things on a larger scale....I mean I have trouble cooking for 6 people let alone 100.  Either way,  I am sad to post my first negative blog review!

Ok-In order to protect people's privacy,  I waited to post this blog and did not include pictures. I do like to respect some people's privacy (my husband does not count since the blog was his idea).

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