Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why all the protein?- high protein diets are not just for athletes and men

Ok- So you may have noticed that I have been blogging a lot of recipes using protein powder. To address this issue I created a little Q and A with myself.
 I hate protein shakes.  Seriously the powder never completely dissolves and tastes gross. Therefore, I being the creative  girl I am found other ways to get the protein powder in me.
But why protein?
I am not a big meat eater.  Yes- I do blog about beef, steak, bacon and gosh pretty much everything.  However, if I could eat anything lobster, sushi and chicken would be at the top of my lists.  This is probably because I was a vegetarian for many years. This does not mean I don't like a good perfectly cooked steak  or bacon.  I seriously love me some bacon.  Please ask my father-in-law the baconator for proof.   But I just don't eat tons of protein naturally. I normally eat a protein with dinner like chicken, turkey fish or ect.  
Recently I have started getting back into shape and working out more.  Protein at one meal is not enough protein to help me lose weight and gain muscle.  I would kill for Julie Brown arms.  Having typed all this.  We all know I will not be eating only celery and rice cakes.  So, to facilitate my new workout kick, I am practicing a high protein diet and moderation.
What does high protein diet and moderation mean?
I have a goal of eating 70-120 grams of protein a day.  I particularly need to eat  protein less than an hour after working out and continue the protein eating throughout the 24 hours after my workouts. Moderation mean I can not eat the whole cheesecake, just a slice. What I will never give up good food? So compromise it is.
So what does this all have to do with protein powder?
Well, since, I am not the type to eat steak fro breakfast, lunch and dinner. I need a way to get more protein in me.   Protein Powder offers a great alternative to traditional proteins like steak, chicken and pork.   Plus it is cheaper per serving. Since, protein shakes are out, I am baking with protein to create yummy high protein breakfasts and snacks which I will eat.
Come on tell me the truth, there is more to this protein thing?
Yes- of course, the Hubby is doing this.  But to a more extreme diet.  He aims for 200 grams of protein a day.   He ate this way before we met. He was all boiled chicken, protein shakes and pasta sides.  Now, he is back to eating high protein diet only with it tasting better. Since, i am only going to make one meal for dinner it is easier for me and my time to do the high protein and lower carb.  But ultimately I started baking for him and realized that this could work for me too.  Either way we are eating healthier and it still tastes good!
So how are the arms coming along?
Yes my  arms are coming along.  I will post pictures when they have reached Julie Brown awesomeness.  PS_ the Hubby's arms are coming along just fine too!!!

Here are just a few articles backing me up
Women's Health Magezine
Web MD

WARNING- Super high protein diets like trying to eat 200 grams of protein like my brother and Husband do can cause some tummy issues...ie Gas and indigestion.  Nothing serious but just be aware and plan accordingly.

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