Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wharf Express has Oyster po-boys and shrimp but it is the sauce that standsout

I have no idea how I went so long without ever trying Wharf Express.  I have been to Salty Dawg many times over the year (I love wings), but somehow missed this neighborhood seafood place.

Let me type that again, this is a seafood smells like seafood.  If you are not a fan.....RUN not walk away.
Wharf is a super casual food place where you order at the counter and   can eat at picnic tables outside.  There is also inside seating.

20121012_192721.jpgNow, I went with the boil shrimp entree with fries and green beans.  I have to admit I was not impressed with the sides.  They were not bad.  However, I LOVE green beans.  I adore cooking them and eating them.  So just ok green beans were a let down.  Let me type this again, the sides were not bad or uneatable, they were just ok. Having typed that I still ate all my fries.  However, I did hand the hushpuppies over to the Hubby(OMG).  The Shrimp were well cooked and seasoned nicely.

The Hubby (I promise I will get past my shock one day) ordered the Oyster po-boy.  This sandwich comes with an amazing sauce that you can not see in the pic (Sorry) but trust me it makes the whole sandwich AMAZING.  I am not the biggest fan of fried Oysters (I like mine on the half shell fresh from the ocean), but with this sauce it was worth ordering and maybe getting a second one!

The Original Wharf Express on UrbanspoonI must add the service was AMAZING. Now this is a counter order place with no waiters.  So I am impress that outside we were visited three times by different staff members asking if we needed anything and offering refills.  They were so nice and helpful.

Basically- this is a cute and casual seafood place that offers a little bit of everyone.  Go for the seafood not the sides.

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