Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Joe Mama's Real Italian Pizza or it's cousin

Now that Tallahassee has gotten it's gourmet style burger place, Vertigo and gourmet style hot dog place, Voodoo Dog, it only makes sense that a gourmet Pizza place would hit the Tallahassee scene too.  And Joe Mama's Wood Fired Pizza fits the bill.

I must type that the owners of Joe Mama's invited the Tallahassee Food Blogger Association for a tour and tasting..... Now before you start thinking anything more...We all know I will not eat food that is bad and I certain would not recommend it  ( Unless, you are my brother. Then yes-Please try the Wasabi you think is Ginger!).  I am typing my opinion.   THOUGH please keep in mind this is a review of a controlled situation where the owners' knew who I was and selected the food just for us.....

Devon, the daughter, one of the owners and manage, welcomed all the bloggers with white and red wine (Wino's they have a nice wine list...just FYI).  After everyone arrived (No, I was not the last one there..no there are no pigs flying outside my window either).  Her Father gave us an introduction to the world of Italian pizzas.  Joe Mama's strives to use local ingredients in combination with Italian style cooking. There is NO FREEZER.  I repeat no freezer so almost everything is made the day of. Apparently, traditional Italian pizzas are cooked at 1000 degrees where Joe Mama's cooks there at only 600 degrees.  After a wonderful talk on pizza, ingredients and of course Joe Mama's, we were invited into the kitchen for a peak behind the scenes.

First, this kitchen was sooooo clean!!!!!  So any germophobes I highly recommend eating here.
Second, I so want a convection oven!
Third, this kitchen is HUGE.

OK- so the FOOD
I am a sucker for a good salad.  And I LOVE plating table side. I have only ever had a Cesar salad plated table side so I was super excited to see this done outside of an expensive steak house and with with a different type of salad.  The house salad which is HUGE is put together table side then handed over to you so you can inhale it!   THe table side plating adds a nice personal touch.  Plus, for you picky eaters you can just request things you dislike not be mixed in. The house salad which is an awesome twist on the typical house salad adding artichokes, prosciutto, olives and house made croutons.

For picture of the actually salad, please click for here for Kristoph's blog which has a gorgeous one.

The pizza is italian style or as the owner described it "the cousin of Italian pizza!"  The crust is thin and crispy with a nice chewy middle.  This is not thin crust pizza just thinner.  The cheese topping was amazing.  I, a rat in a past life, was impressed with the flavorful not greasy cheese combination.  Plus, the Pizzas looked pretty.

Four pizzas were sent over but I only tried the Quatro (left) and Fumoso (right).  The Quatro was my favorite with fresh AND dry mozzarella  basil and prosciutto   I could taste the freshness and creaminess of the fresh high quality mozzarella.  The basil which was huge played off the homemade tomato sauce and add nice herby freshness. I am in love...Sorry husband (hee hee I am married).  The Fumoso

To the left-Cheese Pizza- I didn't get the chance to try this but it looked fabulous!

To the right is the Due pizza which features sausage, peppers and caramelized onions.  Again, I didn't try this one but isn't it pretty...I am getting hungry just staring at the photo.

My biggest and only  issue with Joe Mama's is the name.  How nit picky is that?  I just wanted a place with this quality food to have a name matching.  I must have been corrupted in Atlanta by all the Mama's pizza place. Afterall what is in a name? That which we call a rose....

Joe Mama's Wood Fired Pizza on UrbanspoonBasically- This is an awesome date place or dinner out. The family style service and food paired with the decor makes this place quite intimate.  If you want quick and cheap head down the road to Little Cesar  Momo's or Decent Pizza.  If you want high quality and  Italian style....this is your place...And please order the house salad.  Seriously....that thing is good!
While we all know I rock, but check out  Tallahassee Food Blogger Association for other reviews of the tour, pizza and food porn photos.


  1. Awesome post! Nice job on the pizza pictures!

    I kinda / sorta agree about the name, because with a name like that I expect a dude in a dirty apron tossing pies behind a small counter. JM's is soooo much nicer than that inside!

    Oh and thanks for the link!

  2. Thanks Kristoph!

    My thing with the name is so small and petty, but I was thinking the same thing about a "dude in a dirty apron" only I added a potbelly and cigar in my visual.

    And of course! Your pics were awesome and worth sharing!