Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vertigo Burger

So for this week's date night, the husband (do I even need to type it? OMG) took me to  Vertigo Burger ! Now from reading the menu and reviews on Yelp, this place reminds my husband of  a less crazy version of Flip Burger.  I love Flip Burger despite it being so pricey....then again I love Richard Blais.  Plus, I LOVE truffles (both kinds)  so I was super excited to check this place out!!!!

 The decor-Modern and simple. I imagine there will be artwork up on the walls soon, but the place falls squarely into trendy with one exception. THE FLOORS!!!! I am confused why the floors are so old and wornout.  I mean if artwork can be add as well as a sign declaring the cashier without closing the restaurant.  Replacing the floors with involve closing for a few days and loosing revenue!  It doesn't make sense to have spent money on decor and painting the ceiling just to have gross floors.

The  flow of the restaurant.  Vertigo suffers from "just opened restaurant" syndrome. YES_ this is a condition.  The place is super busy and is still getting comfortable with itself. However, that does not mean the stuff are untrained or unskilled. The cashier register was not clearly marked so when people including us walked in we did not know where to go or where to get the menu.  The menus are printed and available at the cashier.  So, we were lost!!!  The staff obviously use to this motioned us over!!!!
There is not a clear place for a line, so I imagine at HIGH volume times it gets CRAZY.  However, these are things that can be fixed.  Afterall the restaurant is still a baby at one month old.

Despite being a little confused when entering Vertigo my food took less then 8 minutes to be prepared which I think is a fair amount of time for a gourmet burger.  The staff were super nice.  Someone came around and asked if we needed refills and also took our trays.

 AND MOST importantly the food- I naturally ordered the Tremor burger which is truffle tremor cheese with mushrooms, garlic aioli and applewood bacon.The burger was ok, not great not $9.49 worth of amazingness. Sadly, the Tremor cheese which is goats milk soft cheese overpowered the sandwich.  Now maybe this is because there was not enough aioli or too much cheese.  However, I venture there is a flaw in the combination of a strong cheese with the more subtle flavors of the mushrooms and burger.  And this is coming from someone who LOVES truffles, goat cheese, and truffle cheese.  The best way I can explain it is imagine blue cheese on a chicken with nothing else.  The blue cheese would overpower the chicken hands down.  Although, if you fry the chicken and coat it is hot sauce you have a match made in HEAVEN.  The tremor burger was missing the hot sauce so to speak/type.

But the sweet potatoes fries were PERFECT!  They are made in house and cravable.  The fries came out HOT but not greasy with the right amount of seasoning.  The bacon aoili tastes like creamy bacon which is never bad.

The husband got the Southern Spin which tops the burger with fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese and creole remoulade.  The Southern Spin was fabulous though slightly over cooked. All the burgers are cooked medium but you can ask for longer cooking times. We asked for medium rare and the girl at the counter told us very nicely, she will ask but most likely it will come out medium.  This burger was well.  However this did not ruin the burger!  The fried green tomatoes were sliced super thin and crispy not greasy.  The creole remoulade had a little kick that brightened the tomatoes and cheese.

Overall, Vertigo burger is a good place to get a funky burger.  Maybe in a few month Vertigo will grow up to be great must have place that the Tallahassee Foodies were hoping for, but for now the place remains a twist on a burger place with kick butt fries.
Vertigo Burgers And Fries on Urbanspoon

Having typed all this, I must add the husband LOVED it!!!  He is already excited to go back and order the Tail Curler and Going Green. Me, I will humor him all to get more sweet potato fries (I will dream about those things tonight!!!)

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