Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting my sushi fix at Shinju

Sushi Buffets are not as common outside of  South Florida.  Don't get me wrong, at the Chinese buffets there will normally be a California roll and maybe a sad JB roll on the buffet looking pathetically like they had been sitting there all day.  NOT at Shinju....Here there are 3 sushi chefs working vigorously to keep up with the demanding hungry patrons.  In addition there is a cold bar with fresh shucked oysters, snow crabs and shrimp along with a hot bar featuring awesome dumplings and tempura (My mom loved the shrimp tempora.  crispy not greasey despite being on a buffet)
So how does this MASSIVE sushi buffet measure up?
I loved it! This is better than normal buffet food! Again this place has a wide selection which is perfect for crazy adventurous eaters like my husband (it has been almost 4 months and i still cant believe it!!!)  He tried one of each piece of sushi.  Please see the pics below for
I have never been to a sushi place with this much selection.  They had everything from Salmon roe nigri to Tuna Sashimi to spicy avocado nigri to rainbow rolls. The manager or owner was VERY smart to add cooked on the label above each item.  This way fans of sushi but not raw sushi knew what they were eating.The only downside is the buffet does not list what was in each roll.  So if you don't like spicy or a particular fish (lets be honest all the white fish look the same in a roll), you have to play Russian Sushi Roulette and hope for the best.  PS- keep a camera never know when someone will have a great surprise reaction to the unknown sushi roll.
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I highly recommend the little shrimp dumplings which were flavorful and steamed.  I did not try the hibachi but was also available.  Like most buffets a dessert bar was available with ice cream, mini cakes and fruit.  But lets be honest here, you go to Shinju for the sushi....

SIDENOTE- this place is very popular so plan to go on off hours like super early or super late.  If you have to go to Shinju at 6pm on a Saturday night, bring your tablet and be prepared to wait.  Trust me it is worth it!

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