Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Pigged Out, I mean ate at Piggy's BBQ

 I love BBQ and living in Atlanta I got a little spoiled with Fat Matt's and  Fox Brothers.  So now in Tallahassee, I am looking for a place to get my fix! Well, as luck would have it last week Groupon had a deal for Piggy's  which I could not pass up.  The deal was 2 two meat combos which includes 2 sides, a bread/biscuit/cornbread and a drink for $14 (Sorry the deal is no longer available).  Therefore, that is exactly what we ordered.

I got 1/4 white chicken and pulled pork with corn nuggets and steamed veggies along with a cheese biscuit.  The chicken was juicy and moist.  The skin was flavorful and yummy.  As I have typed before unless it is bacon, I am not the biggest pig fan! (Yes- I do see the irony of me reviewing a place called Piggy's)  Sadly, the pulled pork did not change my mind.  I found it dry and bland.  On a positive note, if you cover the not so good pork in one of Piggy's many fabulous sauces like "Ooey Spicy" it tastes much better!  There is an option of 4-5 sauces at each table!  So i had fun trying them all which offered a little something different for everyone!

20120911_175046.jpgThe steamed veggies were steamed veggies...not overcooked and seasoned well.  But still nothing out of this world.  However, the corn nuggets were AMAZING and definitely worth raving about.  It was like the best fresh sweet creamy corned fried into a hot non-greasy ball of "OMG this is so good!"
My husband (still weird I have one of these) and I fought over the last go ugly!

The hubby ordered the pork ribs and brisket with fried okra and BBQ beans.  Now, I must type I am a huge fan of braise brisket so I was a little nervous tasting the brisket.  And I was impressed!  The beef retained a nice smoky flavor that enhanced the savoriness of the tenderized cow. I would come back just for this brisket. The ribs (again not a Pig fan)  were just ribs.  Good..but nothing out of the normal.  The fried Okra was crispy and not slimey or greasy.  The BBQ bean were a little too smokey for me, but that may be something lost in translation because I am not a true southern.

Piggy's BBQ on UrbanspoonOverall- Piggy's is an impressive BBQ place.  I would avoid the pigs and go straight for  the chicken and brisket with the corn nugets!

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