Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kale with Judy Greer and no it tastes NOTHING like beef!!!

 I have blogged once before about Judy Greer's cute internet video series on Yahoo screen "Reluctantly Healthy" I criticized the title of the chickpea episode but enjoyed the ideas.  Recently I saw another video from the series, "Kale the New Beef"  Now before I even watched the video, I was thinking, "Kale does not taste like beef!  This is the worst title EVER!  Yes maybe Kale has the nutrition facts of beef but it tastes more like the leafy green spinach with my crunch"
I watched the video.  Yes- Judy Greer is cute as ever.....seriously...I even loved the recipe. Adina Niemerow gave informative facts about each ingredient and how great they are for you!  I wish there was a little more focus on how this all tasted!
Basically- Judy fire the person writing your titles.  They are misleading or at least they are to me and then I go into your videos with prejudice and no Mr. Darcy(darn you Jane Austin).  However, I loved the recipe!
I wonder if I could get my in-laws to try this......doubtful  but the Hubby would LOVE it!

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