Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sage- back like a phoenix

Like many people, I am so excited Sage is BACK!  Of course, I did not that is burnt down and was rebuilt, since I was living in Atlanta at the time until I went there for brunch!  This has always been a favorite of my husband (still weird to being calling him that)  family!                               So how does the NEW and IMPROVED Sage measure up?                                                         
                       Like a phoenix rising from the ashes 
(Yes- I am a Harry Potter and Xmen  fan )

Well, I ordered the Bistro which was a croissant with homemade turkey, brie, spinach, apples, and a mustard sauce with a side salad!  Now, I love my brie on a sandwich and the bistro did not disappoint.  The sandwich offered a great complexity of sweet, tangy and savory.....or put more simply...It was good!!!                                                                          My grandma-in law went with the quiche which to be honest is the whole reason she comes here.  No matter the flavor (they offer different options each day) they are always fabulous.   My mother-in law got one of the specials which featured a beautiful beef dip sandwich which was perfectly in the richness of the meat and saltiness of the ju.....this I got all from one bit.

The hubby got a take on biscuits and gravy.  I am not the biggest gravy fan, but he loved it and left no leftovers.                                              The only downside is this place is small so make reservations or come at little early because this place does get packed!                               BTW- my server Tiffany was amazing!!!!  She laughed at all my Grandfather-in laws jokes while keeping the water and coffee flowing at a table of 8.                                      
OVERALL- The new SAGE is even better then the old!!!!  I highly recommend this place for date not or a great brunch!
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