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Happy New Year 2013- now what should I eat this year

Happy New Year!!!
As I welcome in 2013, I seriously wonder about all the crazy and amazing food experiences I have had this past year.  I have eaten traditional food in a Bendouin Tent in the middle of the desert (food was AMAZING but never again). I ate octopus ceviche in Aruba with fried cornbread topped with this unusual cheese.  I tried country fried steak for the first time and I am gaining 5 lbs just remembering it!!! I learned to cook enchilada's  worked on my baking with protein powder and am hungry for more.
2012 was an amazing food year for me!!!!
 So I took the quick quiz, 100 foods to eat before you die.I scored a 79 out of 100 which I think is decent because I am not even 30 yet You can take the quiz here to see how you rank.

 1.Abalone                              2. Absinthe                                    3. Alligator      
 4. Baba Ghanoush                  5. Bagel and Lox                           6. Baklava
 7. Barbecue Ribs                    8. Bellini                                        9. Bird's Nest Soup
 10. Biscuits & Gravy             11. Black Pudding                         12. Black Truffle
 13. Borscht                           14. Bread Pudding                         15. Calamari
 16. Carp                               17. Caviar                                      18. Cheese Fondue
 19. Chicken & Waffle           20. Chicken Tikka Masala              21. Chile Relleno
 22. Chitlins                           23. Churros                                    24. Clam Chowder
 25. Cognac                           26. Crab Cakes                              27. Crickets
28. Currywurst                      29. Dandelion Wine                         30. Dulce De Leche
31. Durian- But is smells       32. Eel                                            33. Eggs Benedict
34. Fish Tacos                      35. Fresh Spring Rolls                      36. Fried Catfish
37. Fried Green Tomatoes    38. Fried Plantain                             39. Frito Pie
40. Frogs’ Legs                    41. Fugu                                           42. Funnel Cake
43. Gazpacho                       44. Goat                                           45. Goat’s Milk
46. Goulash                          47. Gumbo                                       48. Haggis
49. Head Cheese                  50. Heirloom Tomatoes                    51. Honeycomb
 52. Hostess Fruit Pie            53. Huevos Rancheros
 54. Jerk Chicken                  55. Kangaroo
 56. Key Lime Pie                 57. Kobe Beef                                   58. Lassi
 59. Lobster                         60. Mimosa                                        61. MoonPie
 62. Morel Mushrooms         63. Nettle Tea                                    64. Octopus
 65. Okra                             66. Oxtail Soup                                  67. Paella
 68. Paneer                           69. Pastrami on Rye                           70. Pavlova
 71. Phaal                             72. Philly Cheese Steak                      73. Pho
 74. Pineapple & Cottage Cheese 75. Pistachio Ice Cream              76. Po’ Boy
 77. Pocky                            78. Polenta                                         79. Prickly Pear
 80. Rabbit Stew-                  81. Raw Oysters                                82. Root Beer Float
 83. S’mores                         84. Sauerkraut                                    85. Sea Urchin
 86. Snail                              87. Snake                                           88. Soft Shell Crab
 89. Som Tam                       90. Spaetzle                                         91. Spam
 92. Squirrel                          93. Steak Tartare                                 94. Sweet Potato Fries
 95. Sweetbreads                  96. Tom Yum                                      97. Umeboshi
98. Venison                          99. Wasabi Peas                                100. Zucchini Flowers

However, I also have tried a lot of strange things that were not on the list like tripe, duck blood, crocodile tongue, rabbit, sweet shrimp (raw shrimp), poi and so much more.  This all got me thinking of my own personal must eat list.

  1. Blowfish- dangerous and oh so good
  2. Guinea Pig- sorry- I know they are cute!!!!
  3. Sea Urchin FRESH out of the ocean-
  4. Pizza- not just any pizza- Pizza from and in in Italy
  5. While I have eaten Paella, I have yet to have a TRUE paella
  6. Maine Lobster fresh from the ocean
  7. Truly EXPENSIVE caviar- not the stuff I can buy in the store or salomn roe
  8. Spiny Lobster
  9. Hangi- New Zealand style food
  10. Rocky Mountain Oysters
  11. Tarantulas- fried

And of course because I don't want to just eat my way around the world I want to learn how to make it!
Here is my must learn to prepare food too!

  1. Kimichi
  2. Salt crusted fish
  3. BBQ- seriously grills scare me
  4. Buttered Chicken
  5. how to shuck an oyster........this one counts right?
  6. sushi that looks pretty
Well- follow foodies what is on your list?  And please let me know what I am forgeting

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  1. Hello there-I am a newby (relatively speaking - moved in 2011 summer) in Tally, and have just found the TFBA and your blog. Kimchi is hard to make, but a kind of kimchi made with radish is easy. I might post it sometime soon on my blog! Buttered chicken is easy.. but I am still working on sushi that looks pretty. I can't get a hang of the "inside out" part. :)