Thursday, January 17, 2013

I am neutral on Ruby Tuesday

My Hubby worked at Ruby Tuesday while in college. So I am VERY VERY VERY familiar with the chain.  Although, the restaurant has change SIGNIFICANTLY in the past 5 or so years.  Ruby now offers more healthier side options and TONS of different sliders. Also, the salad bar now counts as a side-no up-charge! We decided to check out all the changes first hand with my grandparents-in law.

"Well, Ruby Tuesday has sure tired to go more upscale" was my first thought as we all sat down at the table covered with white papers and 4 biscuits- one for each person.  FANCY

We all ordered and got the salad bar.  All great and yummy with tons of options like any good salad bar should have.  The food came in a timely manner.  But the food....well that is the issue.  That is where the problems is where it is apparent Ruby Tuesday's is a chain more like Appleby's and not a chain slightly more upscale like Ted's Montana Grill!

20130104_194218.jpgMy grandfather in law ordered the parmigiana steak pictured right. He opted for the salad bar, which is why the plate looks so bare. His very sweet wife asked for a bite of his steak which was give and she promptly spit it out. The small bite was all gristle.  MY grandfather in law tried another bite and found more gristle.The problem with this is his entree was $14.99.  You could go to Longhorn and order the Flat Iron or Sirloin steaks for cheaper and get better quality.  One the positive side the steak was cooked to the right temperature.
I ordered the Chicken Bella with spaghetti squash.  The chicken was quite and taste.  The squash ...well, I applaud Ruby Tuesday's for putting it on the menu and offering this healthy option, but it was bland! Very Very Very bland.
 I know it is listed at 41 calories but seriously add some Mrs. dash or salt free seasoning.

20130104_194117.jpgThe Hubby ordered turkey sliders which were good.  Very good!  I am excited that a chain restaurant is offering more non-red meat options for the cholesterol conscious.
The fries were good. Nice and hot and crispy.

We also tried the side of zucchini which was very greasy and not recommendable.
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BASICALLY- Ruby Tuesday  has made itself into a great accommodating restaurant. I highly recommend the sliders and salad bar.  The sides seems to be hit or miss based on the line cooks in the back.  However there are lots of options. But if you want a good steak, go to Longhorn or for 6-8 more dollars go to Ted's or for WAY more go to Shula's.
So...I wouldn't recommend Ruby Tuesday's because for the same price in Tallahassee I could eat at Voodoo Dog or Joe's Woodfire Pizza and have better food.  However, I will not be agruing against anyone to return.  Therefore, I am neutral on Ruby Tuesdays.

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