Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The perfect on the go breakfast-Mango smoothie, protein powder is optional

I love idea of breakfast, but I just don't have time (or dont want to sleep less) to make a full balanced breakfast of eggs and turkey sausage with whole grain toast and preserves.  It only happens on weekend.  And when it does happen, breakfast is normally serve around 11am which make it more like brunch!

While Burger King and Dunkin Donuts are so tempting with their quick drive thrus, the calorie count is so absurd.  (I have excluded McDonald's because we all know I can eat their oatmeal any day of the week. Here is the link to my previous gushing)
Dunkin Donuts
 the bagels at  begin at 300 calories and that is without butter or cream cheese
the muffins begin at 410 calories and that is for the reduced fat option
the donuts begin at 270 (but who eats just one donut????)
Burger King
breakfast burrito 830 calories
Sausage egg and cheese biscuit 770 calories
Mango smoothie under 300 calories!  
Plus mangoes have fiber which will make you feel even more full!
With today's markets getting mangoes is easier than ever.  At Trader Joe's you can buy mango precut frozen. At most super markets you can get mangoes pre-sliced for your convenience. (You know I so get mine at costco!)  However, if you want to get a fresh mango to cut up yourself, here is a great website.

Here is what you need
1 mango cubed or sliced.  
1/2 cup or 4 oz of milk, almond milk or sweetned coconut milk
OPTIONAL 1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Here is what you do
Put everything in the blender and mix on high.  If the mixture seems too thick please add more milk!
 Pour in to go cup and ride on into the sunset!!!

This sounds so simple and it is!! that is probably why I love this recipe!


  1. I prefer almond milk in this smoothie because it adds protein and skips the diary!!! For more about my love of almond milk read my previous post here
  2. add a dash of chili powder for a little kick!  Not only will it taste awesome but chili powder is known to boast your metabolism.

For more details and info on why you should eat mangos click here or here

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