Sunday, January 20, 2013

What to do with leftover broccoli? Broccoli and Cheese Soup of course

The ultimate kitchen question is
What to do with the leftovers?
Let's face it, once broccoli has been steamed (recipe talked about two days ago), reheating it is not....Well eatable.
Here is the trick to reusing that sad looking broccoli leftovers-turn it into broccoli cheese soup
The portions depend on your left overs, so the hardest part of the recipe is the math.  But this soup is super healthy and easy.  Plus you can make this for one person or a whole family!  Additionally, you can make this vegetarian or not!!!  Basically this is a great lunch on a cold day- Like today in Tallahassee.
What you need

leftover  cooked broccoli
broth- I prefer chicken but veggie works
1 tsp worcester sauce
1 tsp of lemon juice
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp onion powder
cheddar cheese
What to do
  1. Place the leftover broccoli in the blender or food processor with a little broth and blend until pureed.  
  2. On my blender and most I have seen, there are measurements on the side. You want a nice 1 to 1 ratio of broth to broccoli. 
  3. Add worcester saucer, lemon juice  garlic powder and onion powder.  Then blend until smooth.
  4. I HIGHLY recommend running the soup through a sifter. This will give your soup a smoother texture.
  5. Pour the soup into a pot and cook on medium for about 230 minutes.
  6. When you are ready to serve sprinkle cheese on the bottom of your mug/bowl or serving item.  Then pour the soup on top.  Then top with cheese.  This will allow for even cheese distribution!!!  Plus the cheese will thicken the soup.
I recommend serving this with bread for dipping or a grilled cheese sandwich.

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  1. 3 hours and 50 minutes seems a little excessive to cook a brassica-based soup.