Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Need a healthy and yummy lunch fast, check out a Zalad at Zaxby's

Ok- from the fact I have a blog about food, you can deduce I LOVE FOOD! I like eating !!! So, skipping meals and living on only celery will NEVER EVER EVER happen.  This is why I am not a size zero but that is a discussion for another day.

However, I do always have a few fast and cheap  food options on my list for when I want to eat....shall we say healthy.
For Breakfast, I lean towards McDonald's oatmeal.
For lunch, it is a Zalad!!!!
Never heard of a Zalad??????
Well, I am typing about the popular regional fast food chain, Zaxby's take on a salad.  Their house salad with grilled chicken, my personal favorite, includes cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, fried onions, and lettuce comes in at a whopping 425 calories without dressing.  I find the crunch of the cucumbers with the crispy fried onions and rich cheese leaves me satisfied and full!  A filling salad? Crazy right!!!!!!
The salads come with toast which I recommend skipping (it adds 150  calories which i would rather spend on dressing or sweet tea).  Did I mention they have good sweet tea?
My brother actually loves it and requests we go there when he visits!!!!

Zaxby's on UrbanspoonTheir chicken fingers and wings are quite yummy!!! But you are better off at with Wendy's chicken nuggets if you are watching your caloric intake!!!  As for their chicken sandwich, I am sorry to type but Chick-fil-a wins that races everyday of the week!!!!!

BASICALLY- this is a safe-ish place to go in you want a salad!!!  Plus, the sweet tea rocks!!!

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