Monday, November 5, 2012

Eye of Round makes the Best roast beef...SERIOUSLY most of my cooking adventures start with...Someone (my father in law)  asked me to make roast beef.  Now as I feel I type all the meat cooking is new to me...I was a vegetable eater for a time and still have a strong preference for seafood, veggies, and chicken (Please remove your gasps and judgement).  Therefore, I have NEVER made roast beef EVER.

Well, I did a little research and learned the tough hind quarters of a
make great roast beef.  And then I found this easy seeming recipe on Mrs. Happy Homemaker blog...."Foolproof eye of round roast seems easy enough for me.

Well, because this is me! We know I totally altered the recipe.  I made my own marinate and made a few changes.  And.....
It turned out amazing!  My father-in-law loved it.  I had to cut up my second Roast beef (I made a second one for leftovers).  All six plates were completely cleaned. And I was only left with a tiny bit for leftovers.

Try this recipe if got a dinner party coming up and dont have 4 hours to cook a tradiational roast,
Like your meat more medium rare,
Are tired of roast,
Or just want a cheaper alternative to beef chuck.....My grocery sales beef chuck for $4.99 and maybe $3.99 on sale but the eye of round was $2.99.
Basically,  this is a great anytime recipes.

2-3 lb eye of round beef slabs
1 bottle Monteral steak seasoning
1 head of garlic
1 LARGE frying pan
1 large roasting dish with rack
1 large bowl

So here is what I did
First take the eye of round beef slabs and put them the large bowl.  Using a knife or fork prick the meat ALL over.  this will allow the marinate to penetrate the beef. Since, I didn't have marinate on hand, I pour 1/2 a bottle of Montreal steak seasoning and a cup of EVOO on the meat. Now here is the messy part, massage the seasoning and EVOO into the meat.  Wash hands and let sit.  I only let the meat seat for 90 minutes, but overnight would be best.

Next remove the meat from the bowl and place in VERy hot pan to sear on all sides.  You are looking to achieve a nice brown crust.  While you are searing preheat your oven for 300 degrees. When your slabs of beef are golden brown on all sides remove from the hot pan and place on the roasting rack.  Then put into warmed oven. You want to cook this until the internal temp is 130 degrees which was 50 minutes for me. However, if you like your beef cooked more well, I would let the meat cook another 10-20 minutes.

Once meat hits 130 degrees, remove from the oven and roasting rack.  Let the meat rest.  resist the urge to immediately cut into it.  I waited about 7 minutes which was all the self restraint I could muster.  Slice thinly then serve. I recommend pour the juices that come out from cutting on top meat to create a nice gloss and extra moisture.

I promise your friends/ family/ dog will love this recipe!!!  Mine is already asking me to make it immediately!

Sorry there is no photo of my masterpiece, the family kinda ate it all before I could get my camera out.  Seriously, it was scary.

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