Sunday, November 4, 2012

I would turn my head into a bagel if it was from BagelHead

Now for those of you who don't know me well, I was born in Philly and grew up in South Florida.  this be definition makes me a bagel snob.  Don't even think of asking me to eat a the bagels from the fridge section of the grocery store. It will not be pretty.

So, I was craving a bagel and decided to drag my BFF on a morning food run!  Even though Bagelhead is not around the corner from me,  I heard a rumor that they were even better then Bruegers.  Naturally, I had to try them.  And.....

image.jpegThey were so right.  Bagelhead is amazing.  And it was packed, like so packed.  However, the wait was not to bad.  The extra minutes gave us time to decide what we wanted to order and for the The girl at the counter was so nice and friendly as I asked about what the disk shaped thing was with the cheese and bacon.
Apparently, it is a bagel disk. We got it with jalepino cream cheese as the girl behind the counter recommended (Sorry I cant remember her name!)  for the Hubby.  Bacon...cheese. jalepinos what is not to love??  It was amazing.  I have a little above average spice tolerance and found the cream cheese had some spice but nothing that made me run for the fridge to get milk.  The comb was awesome!!!!

image.jpegimage.jpegThe BFF ordered a spinach and parm bagel with pesto cream cheese.  This paired remarkably well together!  this gave a nice savory flavor.  However, my favorite was what I ordered everything bagel with lox and cream cheese.  this lox was not tooooooo salty which happens ALOT.  As you can see from the photo right, Bagelhead does not scrimp on the lox. I so satified my bagel fix.  We also ordered the iced coffee, which was very yummy.  I find sometimes iced coffee is just last weeks old coffee and super stale!  That was not the case here!

 Basically- I love this place.  They have a great assortment of bagels and cream cheese plus boar's head meats and cheese!  Please, the lox was actually good!!!!  Make sure to try the bagel was the best of the bagels we tried.

Bagelheads on Urbanspoon

Oh- no I will not being trying the crazy new Asian trend called Bagelhead. See right.

For a different opinion- ok fine he enjoyed it too!  Check out Sweet Tea and Bourbon review.


  1. You need to try a muffin, or a cinnamon roll. They are also ridiculously good.

  2. Nice review and thanks for the shout out! Does anyone not like Bagelheads? I haven't found one. :)

    1. If you are referring to the weird new Asian form of plastic surgery then no, but if you mean the restaurant....we are so on the same page!!!