Friday, August 31, 2012

Luna Bars

In the comments of my previous post, Luna bars were suggested!  Luna Protein Bars were also ranked by Women's Health magazine as one of the best protein bars.  Click here for article.

So I got two different flavors to try this week, Luna Protein Cookie Dough and Luna Protein Mint Chocolate Chip.
Mint Chocolate Chip-Good
-there were no chocolate chips-pout
However the bar tasted minty and chocolaty with a weird bitter taste.   These bars have the perfect texture which chewy slightly crunch with a nugget coating.  After eating the bar, I was left with a nice chocolate mint taste in my mouth which beats cough syrup and card board.

Cookie Dough-okay.  Definitely not as bad as the Strawberry Shortcake horrible ones.  But not as good as the Minot Chocolate Chip Flavor. So I would get again but only if they were out of the other flavors. The texture is good just loike the Mint chocolate chip BUT the taste is bland and bitter.  Not bad but not good.  The flavor makes this bar average :(

SPECIAL NOTE: These  bars only had 12 grams of protein vs the 19 grams in the Pure Protein bars.
However the Luna bars had 130 mg more of potassium, 15% more calcium and 3 grams more of fiber.

VERDICT- Yes- I will buy the luna protein bars again preferably the Mint Chocolate or other flavors.  I am a sucker for things with as much calcuim as a glass of milk.  Plus at 170 calories, they are a perfect snack.

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