Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Now what?

Life happens or should I say Shit Happens like my Dad… And somehow this/my blog got side tracked! I got married, earned my masters and moved. All in one month. I know I am an overachiever!!! A very big overachiever. As my new life settles down I realize just how much has changed. I am married, way over educated and living in Tallahassee, FL.
  So now what? 
 I survived multiple life changing events and now am sitting on my bum with no idea what to do. I tried being a lovely stay at home woman and relax. Enjoy not having to write papers, plan a wedding or worry about packing. I got bored so fast!!!! After the first week, I took to taking 2 hour walks. I read 2-3 books a week and enhaled entire television series (thanks Michael) like they were chocolate to a hormonal pregnant lady. I began taking trips out of town. But even with bi-monthly trips out of town, I was about to start clawing the walls. Relaxing and enjoying quiet, felt like doing nothing. And the overachiever in me began to miss working towards things.
 Since, I am not ready for the adventure of children(Sorry Family) or responsible enough for a dog (Sorry all you cute puppies out there), I got a part time job, which I love. Wooo hoo…but am still missing doing fifteen different things at once. My husband (still weird to type) suggested, I return to blogging.
Well, here I am in a matter of typing. 
Attempting to get back in a saddle I never really was consistent with to begin with. But maybe this is just the outlet I need! After all I find cook relaxing and soothing…..and baking in the middle of the night (ONLY) helps me distress and fall asleep.
 Therefore, I am back! 
 And this time I am blogging from Tallahassee and my mother-in laws kitchen. There is a whole new set of dietary changes and restaurants to try. Not to mention grocery stores! So please if you live in the Tallahassee area post suggestions for restaurants and food stores!
Well Gourmet wishes,

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