Saturday, February 2, 2013

The results of eating more negative calorie foods

I hope you all have enjoyed my adventure into Negative Calorie foods!  I have enjoyed coming up with, researching and trying these recipes.

I guess the big question is did it work?  Did substituting some of my meals, side dishes, dessert and snacks with negative calorie foods help me fit into my jeans better?
But before I elaborate more, I must type that I have been working out about 5 days a week (either walking, yoga or circuit training).  So, I am exercising. And I am just subbing out foods for negative calorie foods.  Not following the full negative calorie diet.  Oh yes there is a diet. Click here for more information and here too!

Basically my goal, in doing this was to drop a little of the holiday fluffy I picked up.  Not lose 20 lbs.
I wanted my pants to fit better! I still had a few splurges and ate out on occasion.  But when I eat out I skipped the fries for steamed broccoli or got a salad. I added extra pickles on my sandwiches.  I ate a ton of apples and celery as snacks!! I am on the wanted list for killing all those vampires with my garlic breath.

Basically, I ate better than normal and exercised!  So of course this worked! 
Is this going to help you loses 20lbs in 20 days? 
How much did you lose exactly?
Will this help you dwindle down your muffin top?
Could this have worked better if I did the FULL diet with hardcore bootcamp or running?
Will I do this again?
Totally, especially during bikini season!!
I definitely enjoyed my mini adventure into healthier eating!! And I am excited to rock my skinny jeans this weekend!

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