Sunday, October 19, 2014

I am back----with a Korean Twist!!!

Since I lasted type you,  I moved to South Korea.  At first, it was a crazy insane idea my Hubby had (yup- still married and HAPPY  95% of the time).  Then we stayed.

I now am a Visiting Professor at a major university.  The Hubby...well...he teaches babies. .  We built up a great group of friends.  And have been traveling all over from Japan to Thailand to hopefully Bali for winter break.

My entire world has changed.
1.)  I don't speak Korean (Well I am learning and have gotten kinda okay at it).

2.)  It is hard to find things that are common in America.  No Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. anchovies, Sour Patch kids, ranch dressing, Pop Tarts, or protein products.

3.) Pizza here has corn and potatoes...  Basically all food taste a little different.

4.)  Oh and they don't do Ovens.....I use a toaster oven..And most kitchens only have 2 burners!!!!!!!  .Everything takes longer.

Now that I have settled into my new life as an expat professor,  I am finally ready to start my blogging adventures again.

Here begins the new chapter in my life ...Somewhat Gourmet goes Korean

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