Sunday, August 30, 2009

Flip Burger

Tonight, I tried a restaurant designed by Richard Blais. The Top Chef Chicago runner up who is known for his adventurous culinary gastronomy style. No, Richard Blais was not in the kitchen.

The design of the restaurant is ultra modern with white tables, silver chairs, and bright red accents. This is not your normal burger joint. I would not recommend going to FLIP with non-adventurous eaters. The menu is very creative however, there is a basic beef burger. Just in case.The milkshakes come with dry ice and in bakery fun flavors like krispy kreme.

Though the milkshakes looked so yummy as they came out of the kitchen, I decide to keep my calorie count reasonable. I ordered the Steak Tarte Burger with the parmesan fries and a diet coke. Hey, I skipped the milkshake. My date ordered the lamburger with tempura fried okra. Then we did one of my favorite things, shared.

The steak tartare burger was my first steak tartare. That is right, I have never had the raw beef dish before. The burger was served with a raw egg on top. Needlessly to say the burger was messy. Thank goodness my date was my boyfriend, otherwise I would have been a little embarrassed. The combination is very rich and surprisingly not tough. The texture of the steak reminded of me of sashimi. So, my verdict of raw egg with raw beef…..WONDERFUL. The beef was seasoned with capers which added the perfect amount of salty tang which compliments the smoky mayo. The smoky mayo tastes just like normal mayo, but has a hickory warm aftertaste. The aftertaste gives the steak more of a burger feel.

I must admit the fries were good but nothing amazing. I could not taste the parmesan. I guess after the wonderful burgers, I expected more from the fries.

The lamburger was moist accented with an olive relish and a raisin ketchup. I have never had raisin ketchup before. The sauce is the same texture and consistency as tomato ketchup , but it tastes like raisins. The olive relish with the cucumber yogurt added classical Mediterranean flavors. Overall, the burger was a success.

I have never had fried okra before. Please try to hide your shock. I lasted over two years in Atlanta, the south, without trying okra. This was sliced long ways to look more like fries. The sauce, srirachi ranch, was the perfect combination of creamy and spicy to compliment the salty crispiness of the tempura batter okra. After this, I am an okra fan, who would have guessed.

If you find yourself in Atlanta, I highly recommend trying this fun trendy burger joint that many people are raving is the best burger in town. Check out the website, for more information.
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