Monday, December 28, 2009

The holidays!!!!

The holidays..... from Thanksgiving to Hanukah to Christmas to the up coming New Years....I find myself falling prey to those fattening traditional. I just can't say no foods.

Especially when it comes to special foods there are only made for holidays.

My boyfriends mother, whom I love very much, makes this cauliflower dish that is so simple, but rich and delicious. Cauliflower is drowned in a cheddar b├ęchamel sauce then topped with bread crumbs. I love this holiday favorite but my butt grows at the smell of it!

My mom normally makes latkes for Hanukah. Tons and tons of grated potatoes made into little cakes then fried in oil. I know this sounds similar to hash browns, but the end result is quite different. The center of a latke is much more moist and creamy.

This year I decided to make latkes for my friends. Now when I say myself, I mean I fried them, but my friends HELPED. I had my bff peeling potatoes. My other friend “volunteered” to grate the peeled potatoes. Her husband and my boyfriend then squeezed the water out of the grated potatoes. I then took the potatoes that were peeled, grated, and waterless and magically turned them into latkes.

It was humorous to me, when my turn came in this production line. I was a little lost. I have made latkes almost EVERY year for the jewish holidays. I am not big on measuring and I don’t remember the women in my family measuring when making these potato pancakes. I remember dice onions and crying!!! I have fond memories of peeling potatoes until my hand hurt and all my nails broke. However, without my mom and grandmother present, I lacked guidance. I had to call my mom. Yes, I who have altered all my moms family recipes to adjust to my taste, called her. After a pep talk, I was no longer lost. I just followed my gut. Now the first batch turned out a little “blackened.” However, the second batch was AMAZING!!!!!!!

I think I may have to do this every year. Or that is what my friends requested…. There is nothing like food to bring people together…

Happy holidays everyone!!!!

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