Monday, March 15, 2010

WOW has it been a while or what???

Hello again, friends and  the wide world of cyber space.  I am sorry I have not been contributing to you lately.

However, life, the real world I mean has taken me in some strange directions.  I lost my job,  found a new job and decided to go back to school.  All with the  "help" of my Jewish family!!!!! That and comfort food!!!!  Yes, I have gone through tons of cheezits and vodka...maybe a few dozen bottles of wine...don't judge

One thing I have learned through this whole thing, is cooking for me is about emotions.  I dont cook well when I am stressed or upset!  I just dont listen to my senses and make CRAP!!!!  Something, it my head that creates good and interesting food turns off when i am upset.  I guess it is like how my eyes get red when i cry!!!!     When I am upset, my cooking brain turns off!!!

I guess that is why I wouldn't make a good professional chef.....  Though, I notice, my food gets spicer when I am angry.  My food gets adventurous when I am feeling flirty and quirky.  I guess the artist in me comes out in my kitchen.  All those flute lessons and art classes have now manifested themselves in my kitchen somewhere behind the two kichenaids and chef knives.   I use food as a way to express myself!!!Food is an escape to Morroco or the Greek isles.....Or a way to feel pain through heat!!!

  I think my boyfriend should be concerned when dinner is spicy!!!  Run

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