Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ranch Chicken wings~the husband new favorite

Image result for ranch dressingThis recipe came from a gift.  The gift of a bunch of ranch packets.  My mother in law decided to get me like 100 Ranch Packets because we can not get them in Korea.
This is sooooo thoughtful and sweet but what do you do with 100 packets???
So I decided to try making Ranch Chicken Wings and it was a HUGE success.  This is my husbands new favorite thing I is super easy...healthy and goes great with a salad with ranch dressing.
Image result for seminolesWHAT YOU NEED
1 package of chicken wing, chicken legs, or drumettes.
1 package of Ranch dressing and dip mix.

1~ THE NIGHT BEFORE is best but this can be done 5 minutes before you bake the chicken too. Put the chicken and ranch mix in a plastic bag and shake until  the chicken is evenly coated.  Let sit until ready to bake.
2~Lay out evenly on a baking sheet and cover with Aluminum  Foil.  Bake for 30 minutes of 300 degrees F.
3~Remove the Aluminum foil and broil untill the skin turns a golden brown...normally 3-6 minutes.  So watch closely or you will have burnt chicken.
4~Remove and you are ready to eat. 
I typed it was simply didn't I?? This is a great prep ahead and make for friends or a tail gate party.  

Go Noles.  It is also easy when you are exhausted from taking care of a baby all day or working or both.  Add a salad and some rolls and TA- DA  you look like Susie or Stuart homemaker!!!

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