Saturday, August 13, 2016

So I had a 6 months ago

Well, it has been a while...a long while that is an eternity in internet time.  The world has changr there has been at least 2 new iphones, Britain left the EU and Trump is runnng for President. 

Gosh...I have missed a lot.  Well not really. ..I have been pregnant then a new mom.  So honestly if I have remember to shower and turn off the is a good day.

However I have missed you....oh fabulous internet.  I have missed you so much...whi else can I share my crazy food exploits with.

So not we begin a new where I got a baby and still live in there will be some Asian Fusion, baby recipes and pretty much the same old same old.

Welcome back to my crazy,  off beat style....welcome back to Somewhat Gourmet...

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