Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chia Seeds- Add a little crunch and Omega 3 to your Protein Balls

One of the downside sides of living as an expat, is people  come and go a lot.  One of my dear friends, J, finished her year here and was heading home.  So I inherited her kitchen leftover.  One of the things  hidden in her goodie bag was Chia Seeds!!

Of course- I have no idea what to do with them!!!
I.having been reading and hearing about  know Chia Seeds as the NEW Food I should be eating.   Before, I have eaten Chia Seeds in Restaurants.  And I love Chia Tea...But what can I do with them....

I did a ton of research.  You can do a ton of things with Chia Seeds.  You can make pudding.  You can use them as  a substitute for eggs.   For more ideas of what to do with Chia Seeds, check out Wellness Mama's Blog.
                       But for me, Chia Seeds are the perfect topping!!!

Chia Seeds  kinda remind me of sesame seeds.  They don't have a strong taste, but add a nice crunchy texture.  
Basically they are great to throw on salad and  in oatmeal and smoothies.
Or I like to use them to coat
Think of Chia Seeds  like sprinkles with Omega 3 and without the sugar.   Who knows, maybe soon  I will not be needing to take my HUGE Omega 3 pills.

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